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Installing Vue CLI

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Node Version Requirement Vue CLI v4 requires Node.js a minimum version of 8.9, the recommended version is 10 or above.

To install the Vue CLI you can use NPM, Yarn or any package manager to install the Vue CLI globally. You might need administrative privileges depending on how NPM is installed on your machine.

Install using NPM

$ npm install -g @vue/cli

Install using Yarn

$ yarn global add @vue/cli

Install using pnpm

$ pnpm add -g @vue/cli

Check Vue CLI is installed correctly

To check if the Vue CLI has been installed correctly, you can run the command below.

$ vue --version

Or you can use -V instead of --version for short.

$ vue -V

If Vue CLI is successfully installed you should see a message that says “@vue/cli <version>” version returned if successful.

$ @vue/cli 4.5.15

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